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Purchasing of hardmetal scrap

The zinc process requires scrap of high quality as the quality of the scrap determines the quality of the powder obtained after processing (motto of the zinc process: "quality in, quality out").

Tikomet buys sintered hardmetal scrap ("hard” scrap) meeting the highest quality standards and pays premium prices for lots of scrap with uniform quality. Please note that we process only WC-Co based sintered hardmetal scrap, we cannot process cermets or "soft” scrap (powder scrap, grinding sludge etc). 

Examples of the scrap types of interest to Tikomet include:

  • dies
  • drills
  • end mills
  • inserts
  • mining compacts
  • printed circuit board drills
  • road planning picks
  • rods
  • wear parts

If you have available material of interest to us, please contact us.

Our terms and conditions of purchasing can be found under Legal.